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Air quality in green offices

20 March 2017

The importance of working in ecosustainable places

We speak a lot about ecosustainability and eco-friendly actions to improve the air quality in our cities, but have you ever thought about how it is important breathing good air in your home or in office? Indeed it has been proved that in developed countries people spend little time outdoors, around 2% of 24 hours for adults working during the week.

For this reason it is important to guarantee workers ecosustainable offices, most of all if it improves their performance. Indeed a recent study of Harvard University has proved that people working in well ventilated offices, with low levels of carbon dioxide and pollution get a better score in cognitive function compared to those ones in not green offices.

So a good ventilation does not ensure just a better air quality with positive aspects for the workers health but also it would have a deep impact on the workers performance and consequently on their results at work. Moreover we all know that the environment has always affected humans positively or negatively.

Considering the fact that recently the air quality of indoors has worsened recording a progressive increase of pollutants it is urgent to take action to improve this situation. One of the main cause of this worsening is exactly the mechanical ventilation of the offices that does not allow to change the indoors air.

Natural ventilation is therefore important to refresh indoors and to get a better air quality. Furthermore we do not have to underestimate furniture. It is preferable to choose objects made with eco-friendly and certified materials to avoid the dispersion of harmful substances in the air. Beware of work tools as well, like photocopiers and laser printers, another source of pollution.