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22 June 2015

To be sustainable even eating outside home

The sustainability of many restaurant business is often associated with a focus on the preparation of vegetarian and vegan menus accompanied to other traditional dishes. The demand for these dishes cruelty free (vegetarian and vegan) has increased significantly year by year and has opened many opportunities for those who work in the restaurant business. 
The difficulties of vegetarians and especially of vegans to find restaurants totally cruelty free decreased, especially in large cities, however there are still some space to open new businesses of this type because of the increase of the demand and because there are still many cities that do not have such tipe of activities!

On The GreenWatcher you can find many cruelty free activities that have already made an EcoAssessment of their activities and other restaurants that have at least one EcoOpinion, made by a user who have noticed them for their sustainable commitment.

Choose Dr. Blend in Amsterdam to be lightweight and get your fill of vitamins! They prepare sandwiches, salads and great freshly smoothies in a colorful atmosphere! This restaurant has made the EcoAssessment achieving an  EcoScore of 8.2 thanks to the careful choice of materials used for the construction and recycling 75% of the waste produced. Read more about their assessment going on their page on the portal!

Vegitai is located in the historic city center of Paris and prepares vegan and vegetarian dishes born from the fusion between French and Asian cuisine. You can take away their goodies to eat it in your office, or (better) relaxed at the park! Looking at their Certificate of eco-sustainability, we see that the overall EcoScore amounts to 5.4 and that the local separates its rubbish for more than a half!

Miso di Riso in Florence is a bistro that uses organic, local, and fair trade products to create macrobiotic and raw food dishes  as well as vegetarian and veganThanks to their environmentally friendly tricks they are able to use the 70% of eco-products and perform the 98% recycling of waste to a total EcoScore of 8.7! One of the highest currently on the portal!

Vegetarian dinner club in Amsterdam on Wednesday and Friday serves full menus for vegetarians, vegans at an affordable price! Their EcoScore derived from the EcoAssessment is 8.2 due to their eco-friendly tricks! In particular we note that the values for energy use are quite low while the percentage of use of environmentally friendly materials and products and recycling are high!

Do you have a similar sustainable business? Join our community and get, by simply entering the characteristics of the business your EcoAssessment! Prove your customers that you care about the environment with an objective assessment of your business!