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Autogrill Villoresi Est: ecosustainability certified with The GreenWatcher

20 February 2017
Autogrill certifies its ecosustainability with the GreenWatcher

A laboratory of ecosustainability at Villoresi Est

Autogrill Villoresi Est: where the past meets the future! The building that is located in front of the historic Villoresi Ovest on the highway Milano-Laghi, one of the main italian connections, is the most futuristic Autigrill ever built for its design and for its ecosustainable technology solutions. Thanks to its EcoAssessment, Autogrill Villoresi Est is officially one of the green places of The GreenWatcher, getting its Certificate of Ecosustainability with an Ecoscore of 8.6.

What marks this Autogrill, easily visible along the highway, is the volcano 30 meters high: maybe not everyone knows that, beyond the design, it works as roof that interacts with the exterior catching solar energy or cold air depending on the seasons. Heating and cooling is guaranteed by 1200 mq of serpentine radiating the whole roof that reach a depth of 25 meters thanks to 420 geothermal probes. Thanks to this technology the energy consumption, measured by our EcoAssessment is just 0.02 KWh/mq.

But the eco-sustainability is not only this! The interior structure is entirely made of wood certified Pefc, that is from sustainable forests and the other construction materials, from the asphalt of the floor to the roof, are eco-friendly and recyclable,. There are also systems to recover water. The building can collect rainwater to irrigate the green areas, to use it in toilets and for the fire reserve. Autogrill Villoresi reaches the 60% of eco-friendly materials used in the interior design and the 75% of waste management, excellent results written down on the Certificate of Ecosustainability.

Not just ecosustainability but also accessibility for everyone. Indeed Villoresi Est has got the DfA - Quality by the Design For all Italia Association to indicate projects satisfying the requirements of accessible design. From the eco-sustainability of the structure to that one of the food on sale, the gastronomy area offers a wide variety of local products: the 60% of food on sale is ecosustainable and logistics produce 0.55 kg CO2/mq.

Certainly green does not miss at Villoresi Est! Indeed the building is surrounded by many garden areas. The new trees have been planted to blend with the landscape characterized by the Park of Groane. We invite you to visit this Autogrill where ecosustainability is the protagonist and reward it with your EcoOpinion!