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Being sustainable: a big challenge for fashion business and design!

5 May 2015

There are many reasons for designers to produce in an ecologic way

For ensure a sustainable and ethic activity many fashion business use materials produced by local artisans, artisans from emerging nations and collaborate with women’s welfare centers. This type of business tries to connect artisans with the world of fashion design, which can make their knowledge of traditional methods of production a way to make money respecting the environment (with very low carbon impact). They act not only like designers, but also as conservators, because they believe deeply in the need to encourage and preserve these manual skills.

Regarding the ethical principles of production, producing following Fairtrade principles can show customers that every worker has a equal treatment. For communicate this ethic way of production some designers pubish on their sites the possibility to control where and how they produce.

The consumers can do many things to decrease the environmental impact of their purchases. We talked about it here
If you are searching for the most sustainable shops around you, you can take a look on the map of The GreenWatcher that help you with the EcoOpinion given by our GreenWatchers and the EcoAssessment, made by the owners of the activity, that scientifically measure the environmental eco-sustainability of the spaces!

LotusEco is an ecologic retail in Sweden that EcoAssess its business!
They always put ecology in first place... changing all of they lights to LED, painting the ceilings with environmentally sustainable certified colors, using rapidly biodegradable materials in most of the operations and purchasing only eco-labeled cleaner.

The EcoAssessment gives to LotusEco an EcoScore of 6.3
Analyzing in detail the peculiar characteristics of the materials and products used for the business and of the waste management we can notice that the percentage of recycling is 100%, this sustainable business also used 98% of eco-materials and 100% of ecologic goods were used and sold. The energy used for the activity is 0.71 kWh / sqm while emissions are calculated for the logistics are 0.74 kg CO2 / sqm.

Rural factory is an Italian brand that designs, produces and sells online ecosustainable home textiles, cushions, wall-hangings and stencils for DIY decoration. All textiles are produced through a km0 supply chain, and feature eco-sustainable solutions like recovering wools destinated to waste, use of biologic cotton, and colors respecting the stricters rules for natural dying. This activity has carried out its EcoAssessment, getting a 8.1 EcoScore. This business uses 80% of ecomaterials in its spaces, and sells the 90% of eco-friendly goods. Thanks to a km0 supply chain, its emissions are as low as 0.55 kg CO2/mq.

Do you have a similar experience and you want to tell us about it? Make your EcoAssessment on The GreenWatcher and write us an email and we will publish your sustainable experience!