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Bike Cafés, the new trend of eco-sustainability

29 January 2015
Bike cafés the new eco-friendly trend

Eco friendly, ecologic and funny!

They make a synthesis of sustainable mobility and biologic, natural food. The bike café format is becoming more and more popular in Italy, too, welcoming eco-friendly customers between bikers and not.
These activities have a wide range of offers: from the unconventional café with bike workshop and kitchen of pai bikery, in Turin, to the posh atmosphere of Bianchi Café e Cycles in Milan, that offers natural food specialties and a bike shop dedicated to the homonymous bicycles. Bike repair included.
In Milan you can also experience a meal, a drink or a jazz live session in an old abandoned garage, refitted into Upcycle Café, while repairing your bike.
Not only northen Italy: the trend bikes through the peninsula and padlocks in Rome, with Ladri di Biciclette, tavern and bike boutique.


Bike Cafés, along with their sustainable furnitures, biologic and natural food and sustainable mobility promotion, are a great example of eco-friendly businesses. We are looking forward to see a new bike café in the south of Italy, to rest and inflate our bike tires...