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Consumables for ecosustainable catering

20 June 2016

Eco-easy solutions of The GreenWatcher

Ecosustainable catering needs some precautions and green practices to be defined in that way: a careful selection of the raw materials for menu, principally organic foods and short chain products, waste management, energy saving, the use of recyclable, recycled or biodegradable materials…

Baning the use of disposable products represents another good practice for bars and restaurants that want to be ecosustainable. Food and beverage sector involves a daily use of dishes, glasses, cutlery, napkins and tablecloths so it is advisable that they are not disposable. In this way the waste production is reduced considerably and the environment benefits by it.

Therefore it is preferable using recycled, recyclable or biodegradable crockery. An interesting solution is the edible spoons, mostly used to serve a coffee or other drinks in an eco-friendly way. They are available also spiced with different flavours or made of chocolate and they are a viable alternative to plastic or steel cutlery because they do not become waste and do not need to be washed.

In Italy there is a progressive tendency towards green practices in bars, restaurants and other places thanks to the awareness that promoting an ecosustainable culture is important for the environment and people. Investing for a sustainable development represents a chance to improve, innovate and grow up.

The GreenWatcher looks at the materials to assess the ecosustainability of retail businesses, rewarding who uses ecosustainable consumables. In the material sector of our EcoAssess and EcoOpinion users can give informations on the kind of consumables and signal if they are eco-friendly, recyclable, recycled or biodegradable.

If you know eco-friendly businesses that use ecosustainable consumables send us your EcoOpinion and join TGW to spread the green!
If instead you are a company try our EcoAssess and certify your ecosustainability with the Certificate of Ecosustainability of The GreenWatcher!