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Corporate Social Responsibility

16 May 2016

The Certificate of Ecosustainability of The GreenWatcher as competitive leverage in CSR

The growing awareness of producers and consumers about ethical aspects related to business administration makes it increasingly important CSR -Corporate Social Responsibility-.
The embryonic forms of this concept are already developed in the late 20's, but it's the “2001 European Commission Green Paper” which is defined, at least in Europe, as «the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns in their business operations and corporate dealings with stakeholders». The European Commission recognized the strategic tool to achieve a company's CSR more competitive and socially cohesive. In 2011 is given a new setting, reducing the importance of the subjectivity of businesses and redefining it as «The responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society». While remaining implied the integrationality, over the minimum legal requirements, and the voluntariness, in fact these terms disappear from the definition.
Such supplementary and volunteers practices and behaviors are adopted by the company to obtain certainly benefits and advantages for its own business but also to bring they to the context in which it operates, from the point of view both social and environmental to obtain a sustainable development.
We are not therefore talking about nor philanthropy nor practices done just to have a good image (the so-called green washing practices).

The adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives is now considered a necessity and an opportunity for companies, from different points of view. For example: the implementation of efficiency from the point of view of energy consumption will become absolutely necessary where you will want to cut costs or where it will be imposed "environmental taxes"; the change of consumer behaviour, increasingly sensitive to the issue of sustainable development and responsible consumption, induce companies to change their ecosustainable business models in seizing new opportunities for development.

It is precisely within this necessity-opportunities that The GreenWatcher find space. Our Certificate of Ecosustainability, with a modest economic investment, offers multiple advantages for the improvement of the social and environmental balance sheet.
First of all, it offers a valuable tool for objective measurement of environmental sustainability, through a fast, practical and easy to read system. The EcoAssess obtained is always upgradeable on the basis of the improvements done through the immediate and practical guidance provided by our instruments.
Secondly it offers greater exposure through geocoding on the web and on our app dedicated to proximity marketing and customer retention.
With the Certificate of Ecosustainability of The GreenWatcher displayed inside the shop, the restaurant, the company you will be talking to all your customers your commitments towards a widespread ecosustainability and your eco-friendly practices.

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