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Cycling is a good ecosustainable business

8 May 2017

Moving in an eco-friendly way is not so unusual

Bicycle is absolutely the ecosustainable mean that makes our life better. Indeed cycling is good for the health and the economy. This is what Legambiente asserts after some studies that testify how moving by bike generates around 6 billion a year of health benefits, smog reduction and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

We can just shout: “Together for a sustainable mobility!”. Moving in an eco-friendly way is not so unusual, in our country as well. Pesaro, Bolzano e Ferrara, for example, are considered bike-friendly cities. Indeed in these urban centres one person out of three uses the bike for almost any movement.

In Pesaro there are 85 km of cycle paths and they are constantly growing. They are small things that, together with a good policy based on the eco-sustainability and a reorganization of the entire urban space, encourages the inhabitants to ride on their bikes keeping away cars.

But these are not the only green cities where bikes are used. Also in Rimini, Pisa, Cremona, Forlì, Padova, Ravenna, Reggio Emilia, Ferrara e Treviso they are used a lot. Among the big cities where the use of cars is overwhelming Milan stands out. Here, cycling has increased thanks to the creation of Area C that restricts the access to the urban centre only to certain types of vehicles and designing some areas just for cyclists.

It is clear how important it is redesigning the territory in a green optic. It is good promoting the ecosustainability with messages and active initiatives, but also cities need to be rethought and reorganized to offer the right infrastructures and services so that citizens who live there are encouraged to use means of transport more ecosustainable.