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A day of ecologic shopping in Florence

27 January 2015
ecological shopping in Florence

Some good addresses for your eco-friendly purchasing

There are some concept stores and shops of sustainable products in Florence; they promote a new way of retail that cares about their enviromental sustainability.
If you are looking for something special or if you are just taking a walk… here there are some ideas for a tour of eco-friendly shopping in Florence!
Via della Spada, 34 Florence FI
From the love for the research for beautiful things and design is born a refined place that show handmade objects, eco-design products and contemporary art! In an atmosphere full of inspiration, lively and in motion that does not underestimate the value of ethics: in fact the concept store helps the "Fondazione ASIA Onlus" for the realization of schools and hospitals in Tibet.
via Masaccio, 24 Florence FI
Sustainable shop specialized in care products and ecologic, organic and cruelty free cosmetics. The shop also offers a service of "rechargeable" ecological detergents on draught which saves a lot of plastic... that is good for eco-sustainability!
via Romana, 154/r Florence FI
Concept store that manufactures wooden furniture and other recycled materials paying great attention to detail and customizations. Reciclò has also carried out its EcoAssessment on our portal getting its EcoScore. An action that demonstrates its commitment to being environmentally friendly!
Via dei Conti, 23/r Florence FI
Shop that looks for a new home for furnishing items and special objects... what could be more environmentally friendly? So you can buy interesting items at cheap prices. There are also a corner of handmade items create by local artists.


So sustainability can be also sophisticated ...