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Discovering local and organic foods in Florence

26 December 2016

Healthy eating and tradition

Here at TGW we care about ecosustainability and its spread, for this reason we have made a research on this topic interviewing some tourists in Florence to find out the eco-friendly side of our city through their eyes. Florence is well known for its authentic Italian food and it is one of the elements that tourists have noticed to judge the ecosustainability of our city. A way to find local and organic foods is through the markets. For this reason today we show you two common markets found in Florence that are Mercato Centrale and Sant’Ambrogio Market but to feel the full effect of the markets within the community, you have to see them first-hand.

Mercato Centrale
If you’re looking for either leather or food, Mercato Centrale is the place to be. Locals and tourist flock to this two story indoor market to find local artisanal produce and culture in Florence. On the first floor, you will find the main market where you can buy beef, poultry, vegetables, among many other products. The best part is that it’s sustainable. Most of the beef and poultry come from the Tuscany region and some even from Florence itself. If you’re feeling adventurous, try out the Lampredotto. It’s a classic Florentine dish made from the stomach of a cow. If you’re curious about where the food came from, you can do what we did and just ask the vendor; they were all more than happy to answer your questions. On the second floor you will find the more trendy food court scene with restaurants, bars, and even a kitchen for cooking lessons. They are also eco-friendly by dividing their garbage containers.

Sant’Ambrogio Market
Sant’Ambrogio may be less known by the general public, but this local hub is full of the Florence culture with its’ fresh food and small shopping area. There is a building designated entirely for food vendors. It is easy to find any type of fresh produce, from fish to poultry to bread. Everything is fresh and the majority of the food comes directly from the Florence region, as the market tends to have food produced on small environmentally friendly farms that care about biodiversity. There is one little sit-down restaurant within the market. Outside there are a number of options of goods to buy. Among the outdoor vendors are fresh fruits and vegetables, alongside clothing, shoes and jewelry. This market is not as well known by tourists, so it encases more of a community feel.