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Dress ecologic... but with style!

9 March 2015

In order to reduce the ecological impact we produce through our passion for clothing, there are different strategies to follow!

First of all the footprint to the environment caused by our clothes is due to the industrial operations and to the emissions for the trasportation in the shops.
The first thing we can do to be more sustainable is to treat the clothes we've already had properly (delicate washes, avoid the dryer, etc...). In this way they'll last longer!
Another way to save money and to respect the environment is make shopping in second-hand shops or participating/organizing a swap party with friends... it is very funny and permits us to enlarge our group of friends aware of the importance of the sustainable shopping!
Moreover we can choose clothings produced taking into account the environment, with ecological and sustainable methods of production. Frequently these clothes have higher quality and costs the same respect to normal clothes.

Use the advanced research tool of The GreenWatchers, also from your mobile phone or your laptop... you can search for the most sustainable activities around the world, with the reviews given by our GreenWatchers or -even better- activities that have EcoAssess their business. The EcoAssessment is an objective assessment of their energy consumption, waste management and emissions derived from their activities. If you are interested in sustainable shopping go in deepen HERE you'll find all the characteristics and advantages of an EcoAssessment!
For example if your are in London.... 

Folklore - 193 Upper Street
The shop offers a selection of clothes and gifts, excellently made both from affirmed and emerging designers.

The shop at bluebird - 350 Kings Road
Exceptional concept store, well-lighted by a big installation made by light bulbs.

Do you know similar sustainable and ecological shops in New York, Paris or Milan? Add it to The GreenWatcher map!