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Drone and environment

31 October 2016

Sustainability and environmental monitoring

The human overexploitation of the soil have caused many environmental changes that modified the natural balance of our planet. The increase in number of natural disaster is just one effect of this process. Monitoring the land and invest in eco-sustainability are priorities that can protect the earth and the people that live in it.

The land’s fragility and the policies for a sustainable development have highlighted the necessity of acquire all the information that can be useful to assess the ecological footprint caused by the human interference in nature.
In order to monitor the anthropic impact are available pilotless aircraft, called drones, that recently have shown a great raise in utilization for environmental concerns.

Using such devices have many advantages. First, the flight-perspective gives the opportunity of gathering a lot of information in just a few minutes thanks to the mapping of entire areas. Furthermore, it is easy and fast to share data and images. Study and being aware of the land is the first step in order to intervene in an eco-sustainable way on it.

Recently, the technological advance have led to a drone evolution, with a progressive cost reduction, combined with a decrease in weight, consumption and size of the electrical parts. The newest aircrafts are easier to use and with respect to eco-sustainability some companies try to make them with eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo.

A critical aspect of this monitoring system is the short-lasting durability in the flight mode of aircrafts, which makes them adapt for just a few applications. Researchers are continuously trying to improve the performances of such devices. The main goal is to create enhanced drones that are able to fly in complete autonomy.