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Eco design: creative ideas for a eco-sustainable design

10 October 2016

The recent trends of “green furniture”

Are you going to open up a new business and you would like to furnish in a eco-sustainable way? Good, this is the best choice you could make! If you still haven't got clear ideas about it, read this article and we'll give you some useful information that might help you to choose the best eco-design which makes your interior original and green.

Obviously, the most fashion and trendy material used to furnish in a eco-sustainable way is recycled pellet. It can be re-used, by simply pulling together many pieces or splitt them apart, and afterwards create eco-design products. The admirable charateristic of this material is the rough-looking wood, which gives a country and rustic appearance. But who prefers a more fashionable style can use many different colored and organic varnishes and paint the pallets' pieces.

Another material that is considered really fashion and eco-friendly is the cardboard. It can be recycled and is biodegradable. In the last few years, many architects and designer have appreciated this material and they create numerous high quality eco-design collections.

Eco-sustainability is a value added component of innovative and qualitative objects designed to be functional and ecosustainable at the same time.

Who is interested in lighten up internal and external settings with unusual combinations might employ a rope. It is perfect to upholster any type of decor, such as frames, shelfs and sofas, but the most useful application of the jute rope is to divide open spaces, such as offices or shops. Furthermore, you can personalize ceilings according to your taste.

Finally, once presented recycled pallets, cardboard furniture and jute rope decoration, we can conclude by … furniture styles made in recycled cork. There are many attractive and original eco-sustainable collections that utilize cork. For example, a champagne-shaped stool could be a good idea to furnish a pub, bar or restaurant and by doing so draw new customers, and therefore increase the sales.