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Eco-friendly gifts

24 April 2017

Ecosustainability and originality

It is not true that it is just the thought that counts. If the gift is original and useful it is preferable and if it is ecosustainable it is even better. And now the opportunities are not lacking. If you really want to make a unique gift that is good also for the environment this is the article for you.

For example have you ever imagined that you can give to a friend of yours the opportunity to travel in an ecosustainable way? Yes it is possible with the car sharing. You can offer a few hours of car sharing with the chance of meeting new friends and the tranquility to be able to access in city even in restricted traffic areas. A very useful opportunity for people living in cities.

Another original and eco-friendly idea is to give a tree as present. The person receiving it can follow online its biological development, the flowering and eventually the birth of the fruits if it is a fruit tree. Giving a tree has not only an environmental value but also a social one because it involves the local population  in the plantation and cultivation work.

If the first two ideas do not satisfy you, the third option is a book that is always the best choice, most of all now in the digital era. You need to find the right theme but make sure that the volume was printed on recycled paper or made by editors that use only eco-friendly paper coming from sustainable forests.

Then, since green has never been enough, the perfect gift to expand it is the kit to make a home garden. The right opportunity to practice a new hobby that offers the satisfaction of being able to consume the fruit of your harvest with the certainty of having organic foods at 0km.