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Eco-sustainability is also at our children fingertips

27 March 2015
eco-sustainable toys

Teach kids about eco-sustainability since they're young!

It doesn't take so much to transmit to your own children an sustainable lifestyle, the importance is to do it in a funny and creative way.... Certainly, the first step to let understand the importance of eco-sustainability is to teach them how to realize a correct waste recycling, if possible using colored waste bins in order to make this green action as funny and clear as possible.
Regarding the atmospheric pollution, we can organize a car-pooling among parents to accompany children at school. We can also teach them that - if we need to cover a long way - is better to get around by bike or walking.
In order to grow them in the best way, could be useful entrust ourselves to experts in the field, who selected the best eco-friendly products and who can help us to choose it. In addition to that, their activity's management is important, too. In order to evaluate their activities' eco-sustainability, you can turn to The GreenWatcher portal and see the EcoOpinions given by consumers or the EcoAssessments made by some commercial businesses. Click HERE to discover the map of the sustainable places that offer products for the childhood inserted to The GreenWatcher portal!

Half Pint Citizens, in New York,  offers a thoughfully curated assortment of high-quality, eco-friendly fashions, accessories, toys, and gifts. They EcoAssessed their activity, obtaining an amazing 7.3 EcoScore!
Blue Daisy, based in London, is the perfect place if you're looking for toys made in wood and in natural textiles.
Geppetto's Toy Box, based in Chicago, is specialized in eco-friendly and didactic toys, made in wood and natural fibers.
G.ECO, in Rome, Italy, is perfect you are looking for old fashioned eco-sustainable toys.

Help us to improve the map of sustainable places! Give your EcoOpinion on eco-friendly places that you know around, or join with your activity carrying out your EcoAssessement!