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Eco-sustainability does not go on holiday

2 January 2017

How to be eco-friendly when we travel

It is holiday time and who can afford it, take the opportunity to travel. In this period it is important that we do not forget to be green and we should try to make eco-friendly choices as well. Conscious travelers that prefer organic foods, km0 products and nature choose the low environmental impact also when they go on holiday.

Today there are many ideas to be green also on vacation. Various hotels and farm holidays have already chosen the eco-sustainability and they offer guests places refurbished using bioclimatic technologies or renewable energy sources. And that is not all! Generally they take care of the environmental aspect at 360 degrees offering menu with local and organic foods.

From the building to food nothing is left to chance! There is also a tendency to choose eco friendly products for the body care offered by hotels. Bubble bath, shampoo, balm, body cream and soap, everything made of natural raw materials and extracts of vegetable origin. Then obviously to make a green holiday perfect transport must be ecologic.

For travels by plane a good idea is to choose airline companies offering carbon offset credits. If you buy these credits you compensate for emissions of carbon dioxide produced by the flight supporting green actions like, for example, reforestation of areas affected by deforestation or projects for the development of renewable energy sources.

If instead you do not have time to organize your ecosustainable journey you can rely on associations, ONG or tour operators that suggest ecotourism trips for people looking for the right balance between human activities and nature. An opportunity to see landscapes and monuments, discover the world in its authentic aspects without stereotyped patterns.