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Eco-sustainability has involved Facebook and not only

15 May 2017

Internet and green energies

Eco-sustainability is now a development tool for every business. And IT sector has been hit as well. Facebook, for example, has invested in green! In 2015 it had already announced the construction of a new data center in Texas, powered by wind power. But Facebook is not the only enterprise that has chosen the ecosustainability.

According to the US Greenpeace report “Clicking Clean: Who is winning the race to build a green internet?” which analyzes the energy footprint of large data center operators and the most in-use websites and apps, leading global companies like Apple, Google, Facebook e Switch are working towards the goal of being powered by 100% renewable energy.

At present, nearly 20 computer companies are committed to investing in green to develop their business. Among the analyzed data centers operators Switch records the best progress in the transition to clean energy. Also the commitment of Google is not indifferent. The big search engine continues its expansion towards eco-sustainability.

The goal of Google is to get all its servers powered by 100% green energies. In which way? Through the realization of new wind and photovoltaic projects which will add an additional 842 megawatts to resources already committed to power its data centers.

Apple is also commended for its commitment to a sustainable development. 100% of the power supplying its data centers, like 96% of that one used in its facilities around the world, comes from renewable energy: solar, hydroelectric and wind power. This shows how investing in green is the leap of quality that makes the difference.