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Eco-sustainability at Smau Milano 2015

21 October 2015

The GreenWatcher, a sustainable startup

The GreenWatcher was selected among the best Italian startup to attend the roadshow SMAU as innovative startups for eco-sustainability.
Smau Milan is a landmark event in the areas of innovation and digital businesses and professionals Italians. It helps businesses and professionals to innovate and it is a time of growth and updating on innovation, technology and ICT.

Today the offer of eco-sustainability is getting bigger, but more and more dispersive. To choose an eco-friendly restaurant or shop, the user must surf through tens of sities, and try to navigate the hundreds of different standards of eco-sustainability. Even companies have the same problems: there is not an unique standars to prove that their business are sustainable.

With The GreenWatcher, sustainability is unique, simple and affordable for everyone: users and business open to the public are directly involved. Companies scientifically measure their environmental performance and are promoted to a select audience looking for the green, and users choose, according to the criteria of eco-sustainability, thousands of commercial, accommodation and catering, worldwide, assessed through a single standard comparable.

Duccio Brunelli, CEO and Co-founder, sums up The GreenWatcher innovation : "We offer to companies tools for eco-sustainability available online, at self-service. Our service is fast, immediate, low cost, and includes the scientific measurement of eco-sustainability company (EcoAssessment), obtaining the Certificate of eco-sustainability and the app to offer green coupon to the users of the portal. Moreover, unlike all the possibilities now available to measure and certify the eco-sustainability, the promotion is an integral part of the offer of The GreenWatcher: we select the market sensitive to the green for a targeted promotion; we implement strategies to retain customers and users and we build and consolidate the eco-friendly reputation of the companies. "

You can find The GreenWatcher in Pavillon 1 at the stand number F81 from Wendsday 21st to Friday 23 October and during the Speed Pitching on Thursday, October 22 at 16 in the Arena SmartCommunities. 
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