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Eco-sustainability: utopia or our future?

13 February 2017

How much it is possible living in an ecosustainable way

Some people say that today eco-sustainability is an utopia. Immoderate consumerism and economics interests often do not meet with the environmental issues. Maybe we need to go back into the past to have a sustainable lifestyle, in times when medieval villages grew up inside defensive walls and made eco-sustainability the basic principle to develop the city.

Certainly we do not have to forget the past, but on the other hand we can not delete progress and development. Today we have facilities exactly thanks to this progress. Then there are some occasions in which the development has been uncontrolled but are we prepared to come back into the past? Think rather about future, a green future!

Eco-sustainability is not a utopia. It is the development that meets with the needs of the present without destroying the environmental quality for future generations. What we need is promoting a new sustainable development. Do not regret the past, keep it in mind as example and act to make our future greener.

Sustainable development is a reality yet! The eye of The GreenWatcher has found many eco-friendly activities around the world that have chosen the ecosustainability as development key element. Restaurants, shops, bars, hotels that respect the environment and have given value to their business in an ecosustainable way making available on the market this kind of services more and more wanted.

In any case, utopia or no, eco-sustainability must be in our future without exceptions. Pollution and resources saving have become two main emergencies that require concrete and targeted actions, but mostly it is necessary the commitment of communities, government and municipalities together to work for a common goal that is the protection of environment and humanity.