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Ecologic logistics

13 June 2016

Eco-easy solutions of The GreenWatcher

Ecologic logistics is the set of organizational, managerial and strategic activities that govern the flows of goods and people with ecosustainable solutions. It is a more efficient and more environmentally friendly logistics at the same time so it can not set aside eco-friendly transport solutions.

In the last years the transport sector has undergone a profound transformation thanks to the development of a new sustainable mobility that has encouraged the use of transports with lower environmental impact and has made available on the market innovative ecosustainable vehicles. Also new modes of transport have spread, like car pooling, for example, that is sharing a car to travel together with other people and saving helping the environment.

The economic and environmental advantages are the factors that have prompted more and more businesses to choose ecosustainable transport solutions for their supplying. The available technologies are many: electric or natural gas vans, cargo bikes, etc… And investing in ecosustainability is not an additional cost, but an opportunity to reduce expenses, improve revenues and be more competitive on the market.

To assess the ecosustainability The GreenWatcher looks at the emissions connected to the deliveries of retail businesses, rewarding who uses ecosustainable logistics. In the logistics sector of our EcoAssess and EcoOpinion users can give informations on the kind and the mode of ecologic transport or on products for sale and signal, for example, if they are 0km products that eliminate or reduce the necessity to arrange for their transport.

And to give a real solution to businesses that want to improve their performance, The GreenWatcher has made a partnership with Ponyzero, a service for ecosustainable business and for ecologic individual offering urban deliveries exclusively by bike, completely cutting down CO2 emissions from city traffic.

If you know eco-friendly businesses that use ecologic logistics send us your EcoOpinion and join TGW to spread the green!
If instead you are a company try our EcoAssess and certify your ecosustainability with the Certificate of Ecosustainability of The GreenWatcher!