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Ecologic Packaging

30 May 2016

Eco-easy solutions by The GreenWatcher

Also packaging is a significant factor for the ecosustainability! It is fundamental to contain and protect products but once that you have used the contents, it represents waste material that goes to pile up together other waste. So it is well that interested companies look at some considerations on this topic.

Optimizing packaging minimizing the dimensions is a virtuous practice now necessary to reduce the huge amount of waste that every year we produce. Besides a smaller packaging brings benefits to the environment because, allowing the load of a larger quantity of products, it reduces transports and CO2 emissions.

The advantages are not only for the environment but also for companies and consumers: saving on packaging costs for the companies and consequently reduced prices for customers; differentiation of eco-friendly companies from their competitors; diffusion of a green philosophy among consumers that stimulates ecosustainable purchases.

In addition to the reduced dimensions another aspect to care is the material and obviously it is better preferring the recycled ones to be ecosustainable. Another foresight is reducing to the maximum the use of composite materials because they are difficult to recycle, choosing those ones that are easily separable with automated processes or better realizing monomaterial packaging.

The GreenWatcher looks at the features of packaging to assess the ecosustainability of a business. Users can give informations on packaging in the material section using the instruments of EcoOpinion and EcoAssess and signal the kind of packaging : ecologic or recyclable packaging, paper bags, mater bi, recyclable plastic, etc…

If you know eco-friendly businesses that sell products with reduced packaging send us your EcoOpinion and join TGW to spread the green!
If instead you are a company that deals with the production of ecologic packaging try our EcoAssess and certify your ecosustainability with the Certificate of Ecosustainability of The GreenWatcher!