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24 February 2015

Sustainable juice bars around Europe


Let's fight the winter flu with a sustainable and vitaminic juice!

During the lasts traces of winter, there is an high risk to take a cold... that the reason why the editorial staff thought to write this post!
In order to fight against the cold, we need vitamins. They reinforce our immune system and leave our body in the best conditions to tackle the sore throat, cold and flu.
Some vitamins, among which A, B, E and the B12, conduct the role to mantain and reinforce the function of our immune system. For this aim, the best thing to do is consume fruits and vegetables, above all red, yellow and orange fruits.

A good way to succeed in taking in this huge quantity of vitamins, is consume an handmade squeeze, prepared at the same moment. Let's do a tour around Europe, looking for some sustainable juice bars, where you can do a vitaminic break!

We depart fom Milan where, before to take the train, it's possible to lay in vitamins to the Juice Bar placed inside the Central Railway station. There you'll find smoothies and snacks made with seasonal fruits, ready to take away to do not lose your train!

In some hours -by train- we arrive in Paris, where we decide to have a nice walk in the city center... Very near to the metro station Hotel de Ville, we stop for a light lunch at Wanna Juice. This is a juice bar, where you'll find also light meals (salads, soups and sandwiches) prepared by them with fresh and seasonal products!

Finally, we transfer to Frankfurt, near the zoo, where we stop at Wir essen Blumen Smoothie and Juice Bar . This bar offers fresh smoothies prepared only with biological ingredients, selected depending on the seasonal availability, in addition to a selection of handmade and vegan pralines, muffins and biscuits.

The juice bars to discover, do not end here! Search in our portal the nearest to you!

Otherwise give the EcoOpinion about a juice bar that you already know!