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17 February 2015

Eat ecologic helps to have a better life!

Do the shopping respecting the environment and with biologic products is becoming a trend and TheGreenWatcher helps us to do it!

Invalidenstrasse, 153 Berlin BE
Sustainable minimarket, within a section devoted to biological gastronomy including meals ready to be eaten and a wide range of packaged products for every need!
Moreover, they propose a selection of fruits, vegetables and fresh bakery.

Naturkost Odense
Gravene, 8 Odense, Denmark Arhus AR
Sustainable shop devoted to biological and vegan products with an ancient is opened since 1972, in the city center. In particular, they offer frozen biological products difficult to find.

Sunkost Gunerius
Storgata, 32 Oslo OL
Beyond the packaged biological products, the shop offers dietary supplements, body care products and raw foods.
It is located in Oslo city center, and the extended open hours gives you the possibility to do sustainable shopping also when you finish to work!

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