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Energetic sustainability in restaurants

28 November 2016

How important is being energetically efficient in an eco-sustainable restaurant

From national and international studies have emerged that the restaurants industry is a type of business that consume large amount of energy, ranking at the 3rd place, just after offices and shops, therefore is one of the least eco-sustainable business. The high consumption of energy represents a downside of the restaurants’ environmental management and it is highlighted by the numerous devices necessary in order to the maintenance of this business: freezer-rooms, fridges, dishwashers, ovens, etc…

Thanks to the environmental sensitize-campaigns and the progressive arisen of eco-sustainability awareness, in the last years we have witness an increase in number of new eco-sustainable companies. The restaurants industry were not immune to this evolution. In fact, nowadays the sustainable management of a restaurant is considered the “best practice” throughout the world.

We can claim that being eco-friendly is fashion and trendy! But, is even more important to underline that investing in green activities involved remarkable cost-saving. The reduction of a restaurant energetic consumption leads to an increase in competitiveness and a decrease in bill-cost. Environmentally optimizing the business makes at the same time your restaurant more competitive and attractive to all those consumers that care about the environment. Who chooses eco-sustainability will be awarded.

In order to reduce the energetic consumption we advise to choose energetic efficient appliances, easily recognizable by the Class A (or superior) labels. From the 1st July 2016 the obligation of labelling has been extended also to fridges and professional freezers. All the devices presented in the market are now supposed to have labels, that define the energetic class, like it already is for the appliances.

A precautionary action to avoid futile consumptions depends on the allocation of devices, such as units of cooling (fridges, freezers, etc..) that is good to locate far away from heating sources like oven and kitchen. The maintenance of devices is also important. Verify the condition of isolating fridge and oven doors’ gaskets is fundamental, but in general, periodical controls are required in order to reduce over-consumption related with damages or bad working.