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Energy Audit

21 October 2016

Opportunities for eco-sustainable companies

The legislative decree no. 102 of the 4th July 2014 (implementation of Directive 2012/27/UE about energetic efficiency), entered into force the 19th of July. It introduces the obligation for big companies and all the companies that consume great amounts of energy to carry out an energy audit within December 5, 2015, and after it every 4 year.

The energy audit is a principle analytic tool that measure the energetic performance, through it a firm can find out how much energy it consumes and intervene according to the result they have obtained for improving their energetic consumption. It represents a key element that can favor a real sustainable development and make companies greener.

Actually, the audit is mandatory only for that kind of companies nominated above. Both ministries of economic development and environment have promoted an incentives program for convincing also small and medium size businesses to switch their structure into a more efficient one, and by doing so becoming eco-sustainable businesses.

For all the businesses that can choose whether doing the energy audit or not, they can access to a non-reimbursable fund that will cover 50% of all the costs that the companies will bear to realize energy audits or implement energy management system (EMS), up to 30 million euro.

The GreenWatcher, since it is enable to certificate the eco-sustainability of companies, will play an important role for all the small or medium size firms that choose to carry out an energy audit, but do not possess the tools and/or the know how to introduce a more sustainable approach. Our innovative method permit to compute the actual consumption and the amount of cost-saving with an efficency intervention and now, only with us, it is possible to carry out the environmental audit online and self-service!

If you own a business, try our EcoAssessment, in order to carry out an energy audit of your company and certificate your business with the GreenWatcher certificate of eco-sustainability. This is the best time to invest in green activities!