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Environmental education and sustainable development

14 October 2016

Learning a sustainable lifestyle from an early age

Being aware of the environment is the first step in order to respect it. Environmental education is one of the principle tool that lead to sensitize citizens and communities to make a major commitment towards the environmental issues and to learn how to act in a eco-sustainable way. A good local government depend on our everyday actions and it is good to spread this message among our children.

The government intervened with an act called “The good school”, a new plan that guarantee the students a more complete educational offer that includes also tradition aspects and put a stronger focus on subjects such as art, languages, informatics, economics and environmental education, which is fundamental for a sustainable development.

From the primary school to the high-school, the topics are getting more “green” every year. Teachers talk about protecting the local areas and water, climate changes and bio-diversity; youth studies how do not waste food, how recycle materials and recycling program; during the classes they discuss about air pollution and how to improve the quality of life.

But sometimes, in order to know better the environment that surround us, is necessary to “get in contact” with it. This is possible thanks to the increasing number of eco-sustainable businesses that become “educational farms” to attract young people and show them the agriculture activities, the nature, the animals and the food origins. The farms are an important source in order to educate “on the field” and teach the strong relationship between environment, agriculture, diet and health.

The study itself is not sufficient, in fact in order to obtain good results, it should get along with good practices in the everyday life. Follow a sustainable lifestyle is the only possible option in order to protect the environment. This is why it is important that also families make a commitment towards the environment, the engagement of just schools is not enough, because the children education comes from the mix of school and family, both of them shape the “man of the future”. Hopefully, an always more green future.