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European green week 2016

30 May 2016

Investing for a greener future

The European Green Week represents the biggest annual event to debate and discuss European environment policy. The 2016 edition opens today Monday 30 May and it will close on Friday 3 June for an intensive week dedicated to ecosustainability, debates and conferences focused on “Investing for a greener future”. An investing that is not just about money but also other aspects: creating jobs and taking people out of unemployment, ensuring present and future generations a healthy environment where living, reducing waste and using raw materials and resources more efficiently.

Every day will be dedicated to a precise topic. Today the debate is on strategies for more ecosustainable cities and how it is important to reach an improvement of the life quality especially in the urban areas. Tomorrow it will be on actions in the countryside which provides many of the resources that our society needs and for this reason it is important protecting it to ensure a future with the same conditions. Wednesday will be focused on finding the financing for needs necessary for a sustainable development. Thursday will be the day dedicated to our oceans and the discussion will regard the ways to make sure the waters are healthy and productive in the long run. Friday will be about green investing for next generations to make the future better for the people and the planet.

Events and activities will take place across Europe, but the main event will be the conference in Brussels on Wednesday 1 June with a wide variety of organisations and partners taking part.
Also in Italy there are green events. In the same day in Rome ther will be a seminary on smart use of European funding to generate positive effects at social, environmental and economic level. On May 31 in Turin the American architect William McDonough will take part in a conference about ecosustainability and sustainable architecture. The events will take place until the end of June. For further information you can visit the website dedicated to European Green Week 2016.

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