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Everyone wants organic foods

3 April 2017

Italians prefer a healthy eating

Organic foods are bought not only by ecologists. Buying eco friendly products is now a consolidated habit for every Italian. A philosophy shared by at least 93% of the population. Studies dedicated to this new tendency connected to organic foods say that 9 Italians on 10 purchaise eco friendly products at least once a month.

One of the main reasons that makes people choose organic foods is the conception that eco friendly products are natural and produced avoiding pesticides and fertilizers. For this reason they are considered healthier than the other ones. It is just this consideration that has brought a strong increase related to the organic market.

Another reason to prefer organic foods is the desire to rediscover the ancient tastes of the Mediterranean tradition. A feature so appreciated if we consider the importance of the Italian food tradition connected to the ancient and local products. One more reason for preferring organic food compared to industrial food is that certainly it does not have the same organoleptic properties.

Then if on one hand some people can not waive the organic foods on the other hand others buy them only occasionally doing it just for special occasions. Certainly the true fact is that more and more people wants to eat eco friendly products and also the scandals related to the food industry have encouraged this tendency.

The only negative aspect for consumers is the price that is still quite high compared to that one of the other products. This aspect does not seem to hinder the purchase if the healthy aspect is put as first need. Thanks to that many eco-friendly shops and sustainable restaurants have been opened in the last years.