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Florence: Diquaddarno also answers the green call

30 May 2016

Where to stop between a monument and the other for a sustainable tourism

Diquaddarno, as they call the Florentines, is the part of town that is situated on the right bank of the river, and although it is the area of the city stormed by tourism, it remains one of the most fascinating in the world.
The area is not that big but it's really full of monuments and museums. Our advice is to visit it with calm and to stop here at least a few days or, if you can’t, keep it comfortable and visit just one or two things more interesting for you.
Between visits follow our tips for an ecosustainable relaxing break in EcoAssessed places on The GreenWatcher.

For example, just behind the Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore you will find The Grill, a casual, friendly and cheap place but with high quality ingredients where you will find hamburger made with 100% Italian meat or vegans burger and seasonal vegetables. The interiors is made by recycling wood and vintage furniture.
Not far away, near Piazza San Pier Maggiore, you can relax at Miso di Riso, a must for healthy eating. Its EcoAssess is 8.7 and that says a lot: the interiors are rich in green, each product is certified organic and comes largely from local companies or from fair trade. If you like the place take home a piece of it: here you can buy everything you see...
If from Duomo you move towards that Renaissance masterpiece that is Piazza Santissima Annunziata I’ Ritrovino de’ Servi or The Bench, will not pass unnoticed. Two eco-friendly places where in the first one you will find typical Florentine specialties, from lampredotto, to tripe, to boiled meat but not only, while in the second one, more spacious, you can also sit for a sustainable and chic lunch.
Between Piazza San Marco and the Central Market we report Sandiwichic an old haberdashery where the simplicity of a sandwich is transformed into something unique with ingredients provided by local craftsmen, selected cheeses and where the bread "unsalted" is the real from Tuscany.
For your romantic evening we can’t do without that recommend you the Cucineria La Mattonaia, another of our EcoAssessed restaurants in the heart of Sant’Ambrogio: high quality cuisine, refined furnishings and attention to detail. If you are still not tired take an evening walk through the old town to the lively Piazza della Repubblica, take Via della Vigna Nuova and you will reach the Antico Caffè del Moro - Artbar, you'll find the best fresh fruit cocktails in town.

The GreenWatcher is promoting green throughout Florence.
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