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Florentine street artists

14 October 2016

Street art and eco-sustainability

The green lifestyle is represented also on the cities' walls. From the protesting street art arose in New York and Philadelphia in the 1960s to the eco-sustainable street art of the new century. It is a clear message: more respect for the environment and more green inside the cities! What is the best way to communicate and spread this message to the highest number of people? Simply, by writing it on the walls. The recent trend has shown a great increase in number of street artist engaged in environmental issues. In this article we present two famous florentine artists that spread their art with a strong commitment in eco-sustainability.

Stelle Confuse is one of the most important and active member of the Sticker Art, a new form of artistic expression that utilizes stickers to spread a message. Plant a Tree, the sticker that has a tree on it, worldwide diffused, is the most famous artwork, and it is the symbol of Stelle Confuse. It has been used as a sensitize in the campaign that tried to bring up the problem of the uncontrolled urbanization that cover up with concrete all the green areas of our cities. In fact, the tree is the image that should remember the importance of green areas in the cities but also is a sign of protest against the uncontrolled deforestation. Plant a tree is a simple task, but it may contribute to create a better world for the actual and future generations. This is possible only with the commitment of everybody around the world.

Exit Enter evokes the artist that now we'll be presented. In a society that trap us in a routine composed of standardized entrances and exits, Exit Enter aims to stimulate the creativity of the people, teaching them how to find passions and follow them in order to lead those people to their own entrance or exit. The main character represented by Exit Enter is a little stick man, the reason behind this choice is simple: it is a discreet man that has to be found among the streets of European cities and everyone can give his/her own interpretation of this man. A little and unstoppable man that tells stories, and changes, and at the end of the process transform himself in a flower with a strict expression, like he wants to warn everybody about the importance of respecting nature.