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Food sharing against food waste

23 June 2016

Begins the partnership with Olio for a greener retail

We are proud to announce our new international partnership with OLIO, the English app that provides an invaluable tool against food waste for personals and ecosustainable businesses of the food sector who want to be more eco-friendly. If you love food and hate waste OLIO is for you!

OLIO is a free app for the food sharing which connects neighbours with each other to share surplus food and avoid waste. The app is mainly for personals but is available also for retail businesses like shops and cafes. To reduce food waste you need just to take a picture of the product that you want to sell or offer for free.

The eco-friendly businesses that choose to use this service have many advantages: acquire new customers who will discover your business via the app, make money from items that would have remained unsold, save money by reducing your food waste disposal costs, connect with your community.

Furthermore The GreenWatcher takes into account managing food surpluses to assess the ecosustainability of retail activities. In the area of materials and waste management of our EcoAssess users can signal if they do something against food waste: if yes EcoScore is higher. So Olio is an opportunity for all the activities that want to improve their ecosustainability and have extra earnings.