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Food trucks... a fast, funny and ecologic food service!

1 March 2015

Where to eat a fast, healthy and juicy sustainable meal: the food truck trend is being a big success from the US to Europe!

Directly from the United States, the food truck trend has arrived also in Europe: they are out-and-out itinerant restaurants in the form of little trucks.
They are often managed in an informal way and offer an household cooking with local ecologic products.
Therefore they are the good solution for a different lunch break or to enjoy the firsts sunny days tasting biological foods and relaxing in a park. In other words, it is a green and ecosustainable food service perfectly in GreenWatcher style!

No Bones About It Food Truck
Seatlle Area, US
This food truck proudly serves 100% plant based food, of which 80% from organic productionIt's specialized in vegan meals and donates a percentage of its profits to animal welfare groups. No Bones About It has EcoAssessed obtaining a great 7.7 EcoScore!

Van Mennen, St Gilles Brussels BE
It is an out-and-out itinerant restaurant, given that during its 3 opening days it moves in different places around the city.
Also in this case the foods offered are vegetarian and biological. Here it's possible to find good proposals for the lunch or for a light snack.

Odjuret Food Truck
Sodermannagatan 10, Stockholm SE
The foods produced in this truck are cooked with plants grown in a sustainable way. Thanks to that it obtains the KRAV certification, a Swedish certification for organic products.
If you are in the Swedish capital, it is the perfect stop-over for a sustainable, healthy and biological lunch!

By now we are crowd by these funny restaurants, so if you notice some new trucks don't forget to give their EcoOpinion!