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Good example of eco-sustainability across the world

20 October 2016

Green cities without cars? It is difficult to imagine, but…

Being able to imagine green cities where the people can go around without cars, but only with eco-friendly means of transport and live in self-sufficient houses, actually sounds like an utopia, but sometimes, this dream comes true. In different areas of the world, eco-sustainability is a must.

For example, near London there is an “ecologic neighborhood” called BedZed, which stands for “Beddington Zero Energy Development”. It consists of a sustainable settlement that was designed and built according to a specific goal: to reduce the CO2 emissions as much as possible. A small green community that provides an eco-sustainable lifestyle to its inhabitants.

In Germany the ecologic city of Vauban, a small district close to Freiburg, is a good example that shows that it is possible to experiment eco-sustainable urbanistic. In this city, it is forbidden to use cars and there is no need to own one because every place is easily reachable by bike or on foot.

Living without cars is possible! The inhabitants of Venice know this very well. The museum-like city is famous worldwide due to the lack of cars. Our tip is to visit it only with the “eco-friendly mode” on, meaning that it is better to take a tour of the city using the traditional and eco-sustainable venetian boat called “gondola” or walking around it. Catching a ferry is necessary only for long-distance spots, for example if you want to go to a certain island close to Venice.

In the island of Mackinac, Michigan people have been banned from using motor vehicles since 1898. The council made this choice in order to protect the island from the noise and pollution created by cars. People in this place go around riding bikes and/or horse-drawn carriages. A paradise for green lovers!