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Green economy and job opportunities

30 May 2017

The new ecosustainable businesses

We all know that sustainable development, the development that meets the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own, must necessarily combine the three spheres of the concept of sustainability: the social sphere, the environmental sphere and the economic one. But which are the benefits for jobs?

Thanks to Green economy, entrepreneurial ideas with specific knowledge and skills are developing. New start-ups have been set up and the are new activities concerning with research and development of new technologies, energy efficiency, production of organic products and waste management.

For that reason we can affirm that Green economy has more gear! Considering the current high levels of unemployment in our country, the development of new ecosustainable businesses paves the way for new employment opportunities and new job opportunities. Green economy is not just a slogan, but a concrete and serious development opportunity for our country.

What do we expect in the future? According to “Green Economy for a new and better employment” report by Federico Pontoni and Niccolò Cusumano jobs coming from sustainable policies should grow around 48% by 2020 compared to 2012. Green jobs will double and the contribution to GDP growth would be over 40%.

Among the various employment opportunities, the energy efficiency sector is the most promising one. However in order to achieve the estimated results it is necessary to implement right actions by policy like to find funding to foster innovation, invest in training and to develop systems that give visibility to eco-friendly products and services in order to increase their demand.