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The Green Economy Manifesto for architecture and urban complexes

22 May 2017

How to design green cities

How can we design future cities? The best project is the one that integrates ecology, social quality and economy. The interaction of green economy with architecture and town planning is the key to reviving the protagonism of cities.The new birth goes through an alliance between urbanism, technology, smart grid, renewable sources, sustainable mobility, new green areas.

The Green Economy Manifesto for the future city, elaborated during the fifth edition of the General States, underlines that a green approach can be an enrichment for the architectural design and the urban planning and for that it represents an extraordinary opportunity for the revitalization, the upgrading and the sustainable development of our cities.

1. Invest on green economy to face the challenges of cities.

2. Cope with the climate challenge with adaptation and mitigation measures focused on bioclimatic and energy regeneration.

3. Make the protection of the natural capital and the ecological quality of urban systems the keys to the revival of architecture and urban planning.

4. Protect and increase the cultural capital, quality and beauty of cities.

5. Promote the urban regeneration and the upgrading of existing assets.

6. Qualify public buildings with innovative projects and the diffusion of the life cycle approach.

7. Design a desirable future for cities.

These are the seven cornerstones of the Green Economy Manifesto for the future city subscribed by internationally renowned architects like Richard MeierRichard RogersThomas Herzog, famous Italian architects like Paolo DesideriLuca ZeviFrancesca Sartogo, etc… Membership remains open to all those who want to support the spread of ecosustainability.