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23 May 2016

Not only elegance but also ecosustainability and solidarity

Fashion is not only elegance, creativity and wellbeing but also ecosustainability and solidarity. For its relevance in the industrial sector it can not ignore the respect for the environment and the respect of the rights of workers.

Today we speak more and more about green fashion to underline the attention to the environment. Many companies choose to produce their clothes with yarns coming from certified cultivations, also organic farming at times that do not use pesticides and other harmful chemical substances. So they work in an ecosustainable way and at the same time they offer consumers quality and more safer products because they are without harmful toxic substances for the environment and the health of the people.

On the solidarity side some brands invest in projects supporting people that need help or cooperate with associations working in developing countries. And obviously another commitment is that one that consists in avoiding the  exploitation of workers establishing right compensations for them.

It is important awakening consumers to ecosustainability and ethics. When we buy new clothes with very low prices, often there are reasons far from principles of ethicality and ecosustainability. Now there are many companies that produce ecologic clothes supporting principles linked to an ethical fashion and it is easy and fast finding informations thanks to the web.

Vintage clothes are an example of trade and green fashion. Recovering old clothes to create new ones helps to avoid wastes and make space for creativity. So an old shirt becomes a single and particular top or a worn sweater turns into a gilet with pieces made by other fabrics. Cutting and sewing courses are spreading and also on internet it is possible finding easily tutorials with interesting ideas to recover old clothes and turn them into new fashion ones. So you need just to take needle and thread and make your own personal dress.

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