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16 May 2016

Amicidinatura assess its ecosustainability with The GreenWatcher

Via Fratelli Bernocchi 7, San Zenone al Lambro, Milano

For all of the green addicted around Milan, The GreenWatcher proposes this eco-friendly shop for your ecosustainable purchases.

Amicidinatura is a shop for all those who look for eco-friendly quality products. The store was created with the intent to promote and spread a different and better way to consume goods, based on buying natural and ecosustainable products that respect the earth and the people.

The brands in the shop are carefully selected according to ecosustainable and social equality principles. Amicidinatura has chosen to stock up from small producers that use vegetable selected raw materials, principally coming from organic farming.

In the shop or in the online website you can buy different kind of products for the beauty of the body like natural make up, essential oils, creams, hair lotions and organic foods like chocolate, italian honey, tea and other local foods.

The ecosustainability of Amicidinatura is certified by The GreenWatcher with an Ecoscore of 6.5 on a scale from 1 to 10 and it is assessed with our EcoAssess. Take a look at our website to have further information and visualize the Certificate of Ecosustainability issued by The GreenWatcher.

If you go to Amicidinatura or to other eco-friendly shops for your green shopping send us your EcoOpinion!
If instead you have an eco-friendly business and you want to certify your ecosustainability, try our EcoAssess and get the Certificate of Ecosustainability of The GreenWatcher!