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Green habitat: vertical gardens

26 September 2016

Green to make our cities more eco-sustainable

Vertical gardens have spread thanks to the desire to have a piece of country in city despite the tight spaces of urban areas. They have become a real trend that has set up innovative and smart solutions and has made places where we live nicer and more ecosustainable.

Indeed we know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen and especially some species can neutralize polluting substances helping to purify the air that we breathe. Also for this reason in the field of sustainable architecture green has become an absolute must with design solutions for indoor and outdoor.

From green walls to small vegetable gardens grown up in the balcony of a flat, solutions are various and hi-tech. Also systems for the irrigation and plant treatments are green and smart. Plants, as living beings, need to be fed and in a perspective of sustainable development it is important using the right available technologies to reduce the waste of resources required for their preservation like water for example.

And for those people that want to be more eco-friendly there is the automated hydroponic system, so called because it consists of growing plants without using loam because the bare roots are sprayed automatically by water and nutrients. It is a system that uses Nasa technologies to grow vegetables in small spaces.

When we speak about ecosustainability we can not omit the recycling. In the last news we can find the automated vegatable garden with recycled material made for example inside an old pallet. And it is not all! The ideas are many: someone replaces the traditional flower pot with a simple plastic bottle cut in an appropriate manner or using tins.