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Green smart city

13 March 2017

Technology and ecosustainability for future cities

It is not simple to give an exhaustive definition of smart city even if today people speak a lot about it, most of all nowadays in the era of ecosustainability and technological innovation. This term is used to define a city that has adopted, or is going to adopt in the future, an urban plan to offer quick and smart services thanks to the new technologies.

So the first service that a smart city needs is public free wifi. To make smart some main italian cities like Milan, Rome, Bologna, Genoa and Turin would be a turning point because it would help to make available some services to improve life of citizens and tourists as well.

Yes because new technologies allow to offer services that simplify our daily life and improve our actions from the eco-sustainability point of view as well. For example free wifi, or the ability of paying parking or bus or train ticket with the smartphone making easier the use of public transport that moreover pollutes less.

Smart city is not just a digital city but it also takes care about the environmental impact of public transport and the development of a practical, convenient and sustainable mobility for everyone, a city that promotes a right economy to give people the chance to grow up and get the sustainalbe development they want.

So when we speak about smart city we must mention also other terms like smart economy, smart mobility, smart environment, smart people, smart living and smart governance. They together represent the essence of a smart city that is more than a digital city, but an organic and varied set of physical, economic, intellectual and social capital.