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Green social networks

10 April 2017

Web portals of the ecosustainability

Green is now in every sector, from sustainable restaurants to accommodation services, from ecofashion to architecture. Ecosustainability first of all! If you want to be ecosustainable in your daily life you can be easily and you do not have to make great efforts. Little precautions are enough and you need just to start to think in green.

But the new thing is that now you can share the ecosustainability as well. News that will attract many youngs, the main users of social networks who use them to share photos, images and videos with their friends. If exhibitionism is the key to success, why should we not use it to promote the environmental respect and to spread good green actions?

The idea was born to spread ecosustainability but also to create an online meeting point for users with the same ideals of a sustainable lifestyle. So many web portals are available to share your own experiences, to ask informations about topics connected to a green life and to receive newsletters on events and interesting initiatives.

Some web portals work like Facebook, with the only difference that they group users with the same interests, others allow you to be the protagonist to make greener the world through digital initiatives. And certainly who is the most eco-friendly receives more bonus, that does not remain virtual but offers discounts in real shops.

The eco-friendly actions that you can share are many: moving by bike, eating organic foods, reusing old objects, saving energy, doing the waste management, etc… So the only thing to do is acting in an ecosustainable way because it helps the environment but also it guarantees a notable economic saving.