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4 April 2016

The difference between saying and doing ecosustainability

Marketing and advertising always manage to do wonders and consumers less careful or more naive are always ready to trust to slogans and to appealing campaigns, regardless of what they actually buy or consume.
But what is this greenwashing? The term was coined in the mid 80’s, but begins to spread in the 90’s with the growth of this practice of pure corporate communications. Greenwashing a companiy means make it appear as ecosustainable business hiding behind this patina, making it barely visible or otherwise of little interest, everything that's not sustainable, as the production process or the social aspects related to the management.

The most extreme antagonists of greenwashing argue that if a company switch toward eco-sustainability moved only for economic reasons and not for a real sensitization of the problem, is to blame. The GreenWatcher has a softer line in this regard. We believe that any type of consideration that guide a particular business towards sustainable development should be considered positively, of course, only if the action taken is really a green action and not a fake. Let us remember that we are talking about of companies and, of course, they have among their main goals the profit. Being ecologic and earn from the own job are not necessarily opposing things.

Just to explain to businesses all the benefits and cost savings that can be obtained by making eco-friendly choices comes our italian support page www.ecosostenibilità.it dedicated to companies.

Obtaining the Certificate of Ecosustainability by The GreenWatcher dispel any doubts on the real actions undertaken by the company which, through the statement of objective and measurable data, can't make a mere greenwashing operation by taking advantage of our brand. In addition, our users, through their EcoOpinions, will always be ready to watch!

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