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The GreenWatcher and the circular city

25 January 2016


Last July the European Parliament approved the resolution: "Resource efficiency: transition to a circular economy". The document underlines the urgency of resource efficiency to prevent all the damages caused by climate changes that we know well such as hydrogeological instability, desertification, loss of biodiversity with serious ecosystem degradation. The aim is to maintain the current level of wellbeing with the tenth of the resources used today. This is a really ambitious aim and everybody is involved to achieve it, because everything that is produced can and must be recycled. This is what circular economy implies for a green economy.
In Europe, where we produce 2,4 billion tons of waste every year with 500 Kg per capita, we have a real emergency that can’t be resolved without re-thinking our economy.
Also the city must re-think itself in a circular manner taking in systemic relation the material and the immaterial, a smart city is an open source city with sharing economy, development of collective creativity, km0 economy, recycling and reuse and sustainable development.
The protagonists of this process are the people, this is the most important factor. A smart city is based on the active participation of its inhabitants on building network and territorial partnership and on promoting innovative social business promoting the fundraising. It's important also the social mobilization on crucial issues like combating degradation, requalification of urban unused spaces, improvement of the quality of our life, efficiency of buildings. When we think about architecture we must think at sustainable architecture.
The GreenWatcher can be an excellent tool to achieve this purpose because it measures the ecosustainability involving citizens, consumers, business owners towards a systemic change of the vision of a smart, ecosustainable, inclusive and digital city based on resource efficiency.

Our more complex measurements are made with EcoAssesses filled in by ecosustainable companies enrolled on our website. All the enrolled companies on The GreenWatcher have our Certificate of ecosustainability.

Easier and less objective measurements are made with EcoOpinions of our users.

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