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23 September 2015

CompraVerde-BuyGreen, an eco-sustainable event

The International Forum of Green Purchase is the most important exhibit-convention focused on policies, projects, public and private green procurement of goods and services and will take place in Rome, during October, 1st and 2nd.

In 2015 edition, the organization of Forum undertakes to make more and more "green" the event and all the aspects of its organization. For these attentions, CompraVerde - Buy Green has reached the certification for its temporary space through its EcoAssessment on The GreenWatcher, reiceving the Certificate of eco-sustainability with EcoScore 8.7, which highlights the great attention to environmental sustainability.

The GreenWatcher scientifically calculates the environmental sustainability through several parameters: the materials used for the exhibition are 100% eco-friendly and 95% reusable, the energy used during the event is 0.18 kWh / sqm and only 0.25 kg CO2 / sqm are the emissions due to logistics.

With the EcoAssessment, companies can show  all the actions they carries out in the sphere of eco-sustainability, including those which are invisible to the public. The GreenWatcher is a reference point not only for those seeking, but also for those who offer sustainability: making the EcoAssessment, the company is inserted into the portal's database and it will be able to collect the EcoOpinions of users who have visited the place or have participated in the event.