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4 September 2015

Partnership with Green Drop Award at Venice Film Festival 2015

The GreenWatcher is partner of Green Drop Award Venice Film Festival 2015 promoted by Green Cross Italia.

The Green Drop Award, in its third edition, will be assigned from Green Cross Italia and Città di Venezia to the movie, among the 21 competing in the official section of the Venice International Film Festival, which " has played better the values of ecology and sustainable development, with specific focus on perservation of the planet and its ecosystems for the future generations, lifestyle and collaboration between people".

During the Green Day, which will take place Monday September 7 and will feature a real green carpet made with recycled rubber (made by Ecopneus), The GreenWatcher, nine months after its launch, will present the data collected by its system: an unpublished image of the sustainability perceived by people and implement by the companies.

To date, the companies reviewed in the portal thanks the users' EcoOpinions are more than 5000, between Europe, USA and South America.
With their EcoOpinions users report, through a brief questionnaire, the green aspects that they have noticed in the venues where they were. With a little attention, it is easy to notice the ecosustainability in a place:  are there different type of waste collection? Are there LED light bulbs? Do they sell km0 or regional products? Do they use pitcher for water?  All these aspects are signal of the worker's attention to the environmental cause, and often correspond to an eco-conscious menagement of the company.

The GreenWatcher will be partner of Green Cross Italia in all the activities taking place in preparation for the United Nations Climate Change Conference  to be held in Paris from November 30 to December 11.

Here the whole program of Green Day Venice, September 7.