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The guide that tells you how to recycle – not recyclable garbage

30 January 2017

Find out the best way to reduce waste and become green

Not recyclable garbage produces the most negative impact on the environment compared to paper, glass and organic waste discussed in the previous chapters of our green guide. It can not be recycled and it is placed in tip or disposed of through the incinerators. The key word is reduce it as much as it is possible, for that, our commitment is fundamental.

The first thing to do is try to recover the recyclabe parts of materials and reuse objects that can be useful for other functions or for other people. The important is to avoid unnecessary waste. Then it is desirable to buy eco friendly products choosing those ones with essential packaging or refillable cases with a longer lifecycle.

Statistics show that there is a reduction of the waste production and an increase of waste management in the last years but not recyclable garbage still represents a large percentage. We need to turnaround. A sustainable lifestyle is the only acceptable way.

Not recyclable materials different from the other ones described in our green guide must be placed in the provided bin but there are some exceptions. Indeed it is forbidden to introduce materials like dangerous waste, drugs, unloaded batteries, car batteries, rubble, tires, bulky waste, electrical and electronic equipment, old clothes, toner and inks, paints and solvents.

The best way to introduce waste in the bin is closing it in bags. You can use traditional bags for waste. Make sure you do not put recyclable waste because in places where waste management is compulsory you may be sanctioned according to the current law. Make eco-friendly choices, do not waste precious resources and protect the environment where we live.