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The guide that tells you how to recycle - glass

2 January 2017

Find out the best way to reduce waste and become green

Waste management is the easiest way to give back the materials to the environment turning them into new resources. Sometimes we use to dispose of our rubbish together without differentiating it because of laziness. To spread the importance of recycling and good ecosustainable actions is substantial. The eco-sustainability must be the common goal!

Following our articles on paper, plastic and metal recycling today we speak about glass, one of the easiest materials to recycle. And that is not all! The advantages connected to its recovery are many. First of all raw materials saving. Then, using recycled glass, the melting temperatures to get a final product are lower and it entails a reduction of combustion fumes and energy consumption. Recycling glass is a really green process!

What can we put in the glass bin? The detailed list is written down: glass bottles, bowls, jars and any other glass container. They have to be emptied, rinsed and drained before putting them in the bin. It is important remove caps from bottles and jars but there is no need to take off the labels on the surfaces.

What is it forbidden to put in the glass bin? Here is the answer: crystal glasses and decanters, pirex dishes, ceramics and porcelain, light bulbs and neon lamps, mirrors, glasses, wired glass and laminated glass, tv screens or monitors. Sheets of glass with large dimensions are bulky waste and for that they must be carried to the municipal ecological islands. Alternatively you can inform the authority assigned to recovery and waste disposal.

Do not give in to laziness. The diffusion of a modern recycling culture depends on all of us! Small everyday eco-friendly actions can help to reduce the environmental impact. Virtuous behaviours help the environment but also our municipalities to contain costs connected to urban waste disposal and finally in the future we can aim to have cheaper bills.