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Holiday homes: little sustainable enterprises for ecotourism

21 July 2015
Summer houses: little eco-sustainable enterprises

Private holiday apartments show big environmental committment

Private homes and holiday homes, choosen by a growing number of people thanks to websites like Airbnb and others, offer the possibility to make a more ecologic stay. Often less expensive than an traditional hotel, this kind of accommodations also seem to have a more sustainable impact on environment, in terms of energy use (that is like a private house), recycling facilities (apartments are usually provided with separated bins, very unusual in hotel rooms), water use (again, like a private house: just a small percentage of water use comparing to an hotel) and possibility to share biologic and km0 food provided by hosts. Definetly a good choice for sustainable tourism!
The advantages of this sustainable policies for owners are numerous:
- energetic saving and consequent economic saving within the bill
- reputation enhancement with a surplus value in the customer opinion
- possibility to intercept a customer segment -in considerable growth- attentive to eco-sustainable efforts

Here some examples of little eco-friendly hospitality enterprises!
B&B Armonia e Passione, in Milan, is a guest house built form its owners passion, that offers an eco-friendly accommodation solution with big awareness to nature and animals. Over the 80% of its materilas and furnitures are eco-sustanable, practices a almost-total recycling policy, and has the highest committment in offering biologic foods and using ecologic cleansers. Definetly a great eco-friendly address for your next stay in Milan! Its EcoScore is 7.4!

Panoramic penthouse in Fiesole is a nice eco-sustainable summer house in Florence hills, from its terrace you would enjoy a wonderful view of the historical city center.
The EcoAssessment communicates, to the GreenWatchers and to their customers, its committment to the environment that becomes concrete in some practical actions: recycles the 80% of its wastes, uses for the 58% eco-friendly materials and for the 20% eco-friendly products. His energetic consumption is 1.40 kWh/sq m while the emissions due to logistics needed for the summer house are equal to 0.50 kg CO2/sqm. The final EcoScore of this activity is 6.5!
Certificato di ecosostenibilità

Casa vacanza Buontalenti is carefully decorated with design and modern pieces, it uses energy-saving light bulbs besides of other sustainable building expedients. This eco-friendly holiday house made his EcoAssessment obtaining an EcoScore of 7.7!
Analyzing in details the results, we can note that the 70% of the materials used for the outfittings and the 20% of the products used in the space management, are ecologic! The percentage of recycling is 70%! Moreover, the activity consumes 0.59 kWh/sqm, while his emissions due to logistics are 0.55 kg CO2/sqm.

Are you an hotel manager? Did you introduce any ecologic policies in your little hotel or in your summer houses? EcoAssess your business with the scientific criteria developed by The Green Watcher and tell us your sustainable experience! EcoAssess your own activity is fast, immediate and free of charge, moreover it allows you to print the Certificate of Eco-sustainability with your EcoScore, a number that recaps the environmental results, in that way you will be able to show it to your customers! 
We will help you to communicate your committment for the environment to your potential customers, through The GreenWatcher portal, and to improve your EcoScore!