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How to measure the level of sustainability of your activities?

10 February 2015

What do you get with the certificate of The GreenWatcher?

The GreenWatcher offers an opportunity to say how much your business is green and to benefiting from marketing dedicated to eco-sustainability! The GreenWatcher gives you:
1- A Certificate of eco-sustainability obtained by a scientific and objectively calculation ready to show to the public how much your business cares about the environment. The Certificate of eco-sustainability you receive by email is ready to be printed and shown to customers, to make your business recognizable as ecologic! The EcoAssessment form takes into account the use of materials and waste management, energy consumption and emissions linked to the logistics of your activities, on an surface basis (total sq.m of the analyzed place).

2- A unique number, the EcoScore, which clearly shows the commitment for the environment of your business; Once you have made your own EcoAssessment you get the EcoScore, a score from 1 to 10 that summarizes the environmental results.EcoScore represents the average between EcoScores of the described three sections (materials and waste management, energy consumption, emissions).  Besides, it takes into account some bonus that you can earn through specific eco-actions to be indicated in your EcoAssessment.

3- Your activity will be found in the map of green activities, promoted in the portal and visible to thousands of people who choose sustainability!

4- Lastly, measuring the environmental performance, you will have suggestions about how reduce the energy costs of your business and grow up your EcoScore!

You need only a few steps to get all of this, you can make it in complete autonomy by registering on the portal.

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