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How to recognize an ecosustainable hotel

8 February 2016
how to recognize a sustainable hotel

Ecosustainability for the ones looking for sustainable tourism!

If you are interested in sustainable tourism and you don't trust anything or anyone, check yourself how the hotel or B&B where you are spending your holiday is ecosustainable: it is very easy and you don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to see some simple solutions that green hotels have.

At the reception desk they give you a magnetic card instead of a classical heavy keys. Well, this means that you can open the door of your room, then activate the electrical and cooling system, all the actions with this card, adjustable from the back-office too. Besides you can be sure that when you’ll go out you’ll never forget anything switched on.

You can take a look at the lights in the hall and in the corridors. Remember that LED has the lowest ecologic footprint but also compact fluorescent lamps have a very low power consumption. Do lights turn on only when people pass in the areas with less attendance?

Now you are ready for the first check of the room. When you go inside, most of all in summer, make sure that windows are closed if the cooling system is switched on. Look around you... Is it cozy? Thank God... Interior design facilitates sustainable development? It is so only if natural and eco-friendly materials are used. If they have cared about furniture, they will inform you with brochures where you can find informations on used materials and products.

And now take a look at the toilettes. Here your collaboration is essential: avoid the waste, most of all of water. Sustainable hotels have aerators in the flow of water and dual flushing cisterns.

If your stay is for more than one night, keep the clean towels and hang them up, so you will avoid detergent, bleaching waste and hot water to wash them; put only the dirty ones on the floor, because now hotels use to change only what they find there. Anyway it would be a good idea that the host inform customers about this program with a sign. Smile if the courtesy service is not single-dose disposable but with refillable dispencers.

Now enjoy your holiday or your work stay and make your EcoOpinion on The GreenWatcher on your hotel.

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