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Infrastructure facility for sustainable mobility

4 November 2016

The innovative turning point to riding bikes and being more green

In January 2016 Italy approved new policies with respect to green mobility and soft infrastructure. According to the stability law, 91 million euros will be invested within 3 years in order to finance the realization and planning of bicycle paths throughout Italy. 

The money will finance mainly three national projects over a span of time of three years 2016-2018. The three projects consist of: the creation of a bicycle path that connect Venice to Turin (ciclovia VenTo), the construction of “bicycle path del Sole”, starting from Verona and ending in Florence and a long bicycle path around Rome. A part of the fund aims to finance the realization of “ special paths”, track that can be walked for touristic purposes.

The development of green paths in Italy represents a great opportunity to promote sustainable tourism and add value to the territory. A turning point for this country that will favor a new sustainable development model that may sensitize the citizens and incentive the utilization of bikes rather than cars.

Today many cities follow this direction: London, New York, Basilea and Washington are “the firsts of the class”. Since the 1980s in some countries such as Denmark, Belgium and Netherland the bicycle paths are available for reducing smog and traffic jam. Those countries were pioneers that triggered a new concept of safe and eco-friendly mobility.

Focusing on Italy, recently there is a remarkable interest in finding new solutions for abandoned rail tracks. Those can be substituted by green paths and vélorail, like in France. In most of the cases, the rails go through wonderful landscapes full of arts and nature that would make any tourist that is looking for eco-sustainable holydays amazed by such view.